All photos courtesy of George Lucozzi/ASA Photographic. © Copyright 2017.

School of Rock is a musical based on the famous Paramount film written by Mike White, which starred Jack Black. The musical follows Dewey Finn, a failed, wannabe rock star who decides to earn a few extra bucks by posing as a substitute teacher at a prestigious prep school. Completely disinterested in academic work, Dewey decides to create his own curriculum, turning his class into a guitar shredding, bass-slapping, mind-blowing rock band. The stage musical, which is currently on Broadway is produced by Andrew Lloyd Webber. School of Rock, with its sensational live kid’s rock band, is a loving testimony to the transforming power of music. May the spirit of rock be with you!


Dewey Finn: Stephen Donnelly
Rosalie Mullins: Marielle Sciore
Ned Schneebly: Jacob Rosen
Patty: Chloe Sciore

Summer Hathaway: Elizabeth Crawford
Tomika: Isabella Rivera
Zack Mooneyham: Alejandro Philippides
Freddy Hamilton: Diego Manuel Castrillo-Vilches
Katie: Hadley Connor
Lawrence: David Sullivan
Marcy: Lucy DeMeo
Shonelle: Charlotte Varga
Billy Sandford: Ethan Davan
Sophie: Addison Oken
Mason Ward: Brock Hoey
Jamie: Talia Emerson Wesson
Madison: Elizabeth Walsh
Student Ensemble in the Classroom: Eli Bailit, Elizabeth Barrett, Skylar Brunk, Reva Datar, Dana Efrat, Courtney Glazer, Emily Grace, Katherine Grocela, Michaela Hinenzon, Yoomin Kim, Suzie Kim, Shreya Mehta, Lydia Munson, Lanz Perez-Kudzma, Kate Taplin, Isabelle Thompson, Sofia Watkins

Mrs. Sheinkopf: Avery Golub
Ms. Bingham: Lauren Biedron
Mr. Noble: George Sullivan
Mrs. Green: Hannah Bossange
Gabe Brown: Ephraim Ritter
Ms. Sanders: Maya Puffer
Ms. Gordon: Lucy Stefani
Ms. Woodward: Julia Royal
Ms. James: Hadley Green
Ms. Macapuay: Chloe Stefani
Mr. Wagner: Liam Cunjak
Ms. Mitchell: Emma Sabino
Ms. Collins: Erica Brown
Teacher Ensemble: Bryce Casey, Gabriella Casey, Jake Henry, Jacqie Luria, Madeline Maurer, Christian Monovoukas

Mr. Mooneyham: Ethan Kerr
Mrs. Hathaway: Eva Taub
Mrs. Williams: Andrea O’Connell
Mrs. Spencer: Darwin Gundy
Mr. Sandford: Colin Davan
Mr. Ward: Kiernan Tellier
Mr. Hamilton: Jacob Silberman-Baron
Mrs. Turner: Rachel Batsevitsky
Mrs. Travis: Olivia Cahill
Parent Ensemble: Mikayla Alford, Juliette Bloom, Owen Graves, Jocelyn Kader, Caitlin LaValle, Juliana Swartz, Angela Watts, Cate Weidenbach

Jeff Sanderson - Manager of the Battle of the Bands: Christian Monovoukas
Theo (No Vacancy): Stav Hinenzon
Doug (No Vacancy): Bryce Casey
Bob (No Vacancy): Gabriella Casey
Snake (No Vacancy): Jake Henry
Stanley: Caitlin LaValle
Security Guard 1: Hadley Green
Security Guard 2: Jacqie Luria
Emo Girl 1: Angela Watts
Emo Girl 2: Mikayla Alford
Policeman: Madeline Maurer
Bikers: Rachel Batsetvitsky, Juliette Bloom, Owen Graves
Punks: Olivia Cahill, Jocelyn Kaden, Juliana Swartz
Waitress: Cate Weidenbach